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Chaneil Monet Apparel.

With a Cause

Chaneil’s wardrobe designs speak for the voiceless, instill confidence, and aspire to a climate of success. Chaneil’s visionary notion for this original fashion line is to spark connections between people who want the most out of life. The quotes on her garments will assert an upbeat message and allow for alignment in positive values within communities. Chaneil imagines an active movement to stimulate “feel-good” actions and  accomplishments. Her collections offer comfort, self-reliance, and individuality to those who would like to become influencers in today’s society.


 I really love the look of the rose T-shirt the material feels good on my skin. I purchased a size medium, it fits perfectly.

- Stacy


The individually authentic shirt feels great, I love that it is an Organic shirt. I love the message of the clothing line and the positivity that it gives. Keep up the good work!



I love the it's bigger than me shirt. The design speaks volumes and the material of the shirt has a stretch to it which I like.


Handpicked Collections

Browse through our colorful & stylish T-shirts, we have something for everyone in our store. And this is not all, there is more coming soon! So hurry and grab your Chaneil Monet T-shirt now.

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