About Us

Chaneil Croxton is from Willow Grove, PA., just outside Philadelphia. Always a self-starter, early on in her life, she knew she wanted her own business, and earned her Associates Degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, following up with a Bachelors’ degree in General Business Administration. Her ambitions focused on the dream of running her own fashion  design business. To prepare herself, she went on to finish her MBA in Business Administration. Because she is a “people person,” Chaneil began her first administrative experiences in customer service. She loves working with others, and along with her business acumen and creative talent, is highly motivated to raise positive energy in the workplace.

Chaneil wishes to focus on the visionary goal of creating her own clothing line: Chaneil Monet Brand. Her innovative idea is to produce clothing that inspires her clientele, deeply believing each individual design should touch the soul of the one who wears it. Chaneil’s wardrobe designs speak for the voiceless, instill confidence, and aspire to a climate of success. Chaneil’s visionary notion for this original fashion line is to spark connections between people who want the most out of life. The quotes on her garments will assert an upbeat message and allow for alignment in positive values within communities. Chaneil imagines an active movement to stimulate “feel-good” actions and  accomplishments. Her collections offer comfort, self-reliance, and individuality to those who would like to become influencers in today’s society.